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[FChE visage 1997, by Jason Molenda] [FChE visage 2003, by Ross Chevalier]

Frank Ch. Eigler


I first saw the world in the 70s in Hungary; after that, I lived in Austria, and the recent half of my life in Canada. In the mid 90s, I moved into a little house in a big town that I shared with my wife, Juimiin Hong 洪瑞敏, and now our recently mitosed mini-human Eric. In the mid 20s, I moved into a big house in a little town with all of the above, plus another mini-human, Stuart.


I try to promote secure communication, so consider encrypting mail sent to me. Here is my GnuPG key. My favorite hobbies are target-shooting (see e.g., my gun club), flying little airplanes (see my current flight club), and training in karate (see my dojo).


My perfunctory weblog is here. I am also collecting some web mirrors of controversial materials.

Last modified: 2021-02-02
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