Parents with children! I have good news from Pfizer. It is month-old news, but gives rise to a new conclusion. It deals with the young child covid vaccines, freshly authorized for emergency use in North America and elsewhere. If you are concerned for your child and are considering covid vaccination, but have just an inkling of doubt or inconvenience, read on!

The Pfizer study covered vaccination, and of course it did pretty well. Some reduction in covid cases, and complete elimination of serious covid cases (pages 24, 31) and deaths (page 32). Sure, maybe some risks, but probably nothing much. Awesome!

But in case those small risks bother you, like a splinter in your mind, or find booking inconvenient, the Pfizer study courteously analyzed another alternative. The placebo group! There were somewhat more covid cases in this group, alas. But the number of serious or fatal covid cases was .... zero!

So, fellow parents, Pfizer has kindly offered us TWO clinically proven alternatives for preventing serious covid in your children! You can get an injection of their vaccine, maybe at a site with puppies, superheroes, and ice cream, at the cost of some small risk. Or, you can get an injection of saline placebo, in the privacy of any doctor's office, with complete safety. They are equally effective!

Sssh, we'll let you in a little secret. If you want, you can administer placebo right at your home! Just stick your finger at the arm of your child and say "Whoosh! Poof! Shazam! You're now Protected from Serious Covid!" And they will be protected exactly as well as their little friends with the band-aids and the worried parents.

Don't you just love science? Another skeptic weighs in.