That was fun! About three dozen airplanes, about a hundred people, came and were fed and entertained.

There were also a lot of little kids walking the flight line with their parents or just waiting for someone to fly by. The airport is well-maintained and has a busy local user population (judging by the number of hangars, all reportedly full).

Once parked on the grass, we propped GXRP’s main door open so passers-by could get a look of the insides-it must be bewildering compared to little oldie VFR machines on display, some without even navigation radios. The traffic circuit was very busy but orderly, a reminder of Oshkosh. Everyone appeared to follow the proper procedures, and the radio was going non-stop. A biplane made a nice smoke trail (intentionally) over the airport as it was crossing overhead; another military-style homebuilt did a fast low-and-over maneuver over the runway. We did an even bigger and faster low-and-over on our way home, moohaha.

Some pictures are at the usual web area.