Many of us have been betrayed by institutions. Maybe they sold you a shoddy product. Maybe they insulted you with propaganda. Maybe they threatened your liberty or family. Maybe they imposed unconscionable policy. Maybe they hate your race or culture.

Many of us take the hit, get upset, then return to those same institutions out of habit. Some let the comfortably numb glow of institutional affiliation build again. So what if it's skin-deep, at least you belong. Stockholm syndrome! Others just grumble, go back, and stay mad. Both these are forms of cope.

I have a better solution. Ditch all emotional loyalty for institutions that betray you. ​Repudiate kinship to other people in these organizations who were complicit in your abuse. They ought to have known better, been smarter or stronger, stood up for what was right, but didn't. They cannot betray you again, because you now know not to trust them.

And if you still patronize them, or are stuck with them for business, do it purely based on mercenary considerations. Do it if the transaction benefits you. But know and feel that you owe them nothing. They do not deserve your loyalty, ever again. Feel free to be neutral or even hostile. Save your love for allies.

Posted Thu Sep 23 13:20:12 2021