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Satirical Modern Cartoons

This page features the work of contemporary cartoonists who have created satirical and/or mocking cartoons about Mohammed. (Note: this page is for cartoons unrelated to the recent controversy, or which pre-dated it. For images created in response to or as a result of the January 2006 cartoon furor, see the "Recent Responses to the Controversy" section of the Archive.)

The caption to this cartoon by Steph Bergol says, in French:
Mohammed (being carried away by devils): "It is a judicial error! I am Mohammed, the prophet!"
St. Peter (with a scimitar through his chest): "Definitely: GUILTY!"
(Several other cartoons by Bergol on a similar theme can be found here.)
(Hat tip: thierry and etienne.)

This cover illustration and sample panel are two among hundreds satirizing Mohammed in the humorous cartoon biography called Mohammed's Believe It or Else! by pseudonymous artist "Abdullah Aziz." (The cartoon on the linked site is copyrighted, so the full book can't be reprinted on other Web pages, aside from the sample images above.)
(Hat tip: Hodja.)

The television cartoon South Park aired an episode on July 4, 2001 called Super Best Friends. In it, the founders of the world's great religions -- including Mohammed -- team up for super-hero action. Mohammed (seen here) is depicted repeatedly throughout the show. Additional screenshots of Mohammed from the same episode can be seen here. The entire episode can be viewed online here. On April 12, 2006, the South Park episode titled Cartoon Wars, Part II was supposed to once again depict Mohammed as part of a plot about him appearing on a different cartoon show, but Comedy Central caved in to intimidation and forbade to creators of South Park from actually depicting Mohammed in the episode. As a result, they just showed a black screen saying "Comedy Central has refused to broadcast an image of Mohammed on their network."
(Hat tip: Dayenu, Alouette, and Tracy.)

Spike TV created a parody advertisement for an imaginary video game called Holy War, featuring religious icons battling to the death. One of the characters is Mohammed, who is shown first defeating Joseph Smith...

...and then getting beaten by Moses, who cuts off his head with the Ten Commandments. You can view a streaming video of the Holy War ad here.
(Hat tip: Andrew.)

In 1997, an Israeli woman named Tatiana Soskin drew this caricature of Mohammed as a pig authoring the Koran and tried to display it in public in the city of Hebron. She was arrested, tried and sentenced to jail.
(Hat tip: helloworld.)

In 2002, the French publication Charlie Hebdo ran this panel by cartoonist Cabu. The sign translates as "Election of Miss Sack-of-Potatoes, organized by Mohammed," who says "I choose the Beauty of Fontenay!" while drinking and smoking. His words contain a French pun: "Belle-de-Fontenay" is a well-known type of French potato, originally from the Parisian suburb of Fontenay-sous-Bois (which later saw unrest from Muslim immigrants during the riots of 2005). Additionally, Geneviève de Fontenay is the host of the real "Miss France" competition.
(Hat tip: etienne, karmic inquisitor, haoyuep, and François.)

A Dutch Web site called Pret Met Mohammed (loosely translated as "Fun With Mohammed") features a series of politically incorrect cartoons. Three of the Pret Met Mohammed cartoons are presented here; click on the link above for a few more and for English translations of the Dutch word balloons.

In 2002, political cartoonist Doug Marlette published this drawing of Mohammed driving a truck with a nuclear bomb.
(Hat tip: Thomas G.)

In 1973, French cartoonist Marcel Gotlib published a booklet entitled "Gods' Club" that featured not Mohammed but Allah (seen here second from the right, with a turban) at a party with the deities of several other cultures. From left to right: Jesus, Odin, Jupiter, Buddha, Allah and Jehovah.
(Hat tip: Erik.)

Gods' Club has been translated into several languages; this panel from the booklet, and the three panels below, were all taken from the Danish version. Here, Allah is formally introduced as he arrives at the party.
(Hat tip: Michael B..)

Later, Allah is shown smoking a cigar and knocking on Jehovah's genitals.

Allah lights up a joint as Jehovah says, "Allah, your latent anti-Zionism is beginning to irritate me," while Jesus laughs in the background.

The party quickly devolves into a drunken orgy. Jupiter is seen here masturbating while Allah vomits uncontrollably.

The Galician artist Alfredo Pirucha includes in his online gallery this portrait of "The Prophet," most likely Mohammed. Pirucha's intentionally childish style adds a layer of irony and mockery to his works.

In late 2008, satirical cartoon strips based on the Qur'an and depicting Mohammed were published on an Indonesian blog. The cartoons caused an uproar, including calls for the artist to be put to death, as reported by the Malaysian news agency "Bernama":

Indonesia Abuzz Over Cartoons Belitting Prophet

JAKARTA, Nov 20 (Bernama) -- Indonesia was abuzz Thursday over cartoons depicting Prophet Muhammad which appeared on an Internet blog, and Islamic organisations protested vehemently against the belittling of the prophet and called for the blogger to be arrested and penalised.

Police have appealed for calm while they investigated the appearance of the cartoons on the blog in Batak, one of the local Indonesian languages.

A police spokesman said it had yet to be proven that the cartoons were the work of someone of another religion who wanted to belittle Islam and that the server and blog were not hosted in Indonesia.

Communication and Information Minister Muhammad Nuh said his ministry would track the blogger and impose appropriate action under the law.

Muhammad Ismail Yusanto, spokesman of the Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia Islamic organisation, said the cartoonist should be sentenced to death.
The artist apparently removed the images from the blog, but later translated some of them into English, and (under the user name "CopperKid") briefly uploaded them to, before they were once again taken down. Fortunately, a Mohammed Image Archive reader (who wishes to remain anonymous) had saved some of these images before they disappeared, and sent them along with a brief explanation of their provenance. These cartoon panels -- 15 in all -- are presented below. CopperKid's fate is unknown.

The first group of six panels tell the story of Mohammed's ludicrous and hypocritical justifications for his sexual appetite, using actual quotes from the Qur'an and other sacred Islamic texts. The next seven panels relate a separate incident once again involving Mohammed's disturbing and sordid sexual behavior, once again relying on Islamic texts. The final two panels are in Indonesian and apparently come from a different episode.

Mohammed appears in nearly every scene.

The second story (a series of six panels, in order below) is based on the essay on this page which attempts to put certain chapters from the Qur'an "into context" -- presenting a clearer narrative of Mohammed's shocking behavior.

The story begins with this paragraph (for which there no illustration) and then continues with the following cartoons:
It was Hafsa's turn to sleep with the Prophet. Her maid Maria Quptia ( a gift from King of Alexandria) was also in her room when prophet walked in. Maria was a very attractive and voluptuous young teenager. She aroused carnal desires in any man who looked at her; then our Prophet was not any man, he was endowed with 30 man libido by Allah...

The final two panels (in Indonesian only) seem to be part of a completely separate story from Mohammed's life:

The Dutch language version of the Faith Freedom site hosts another graphic rendition by the same artist of yet a different scriptural tale from Mohammed's life, in this case "The Killing of Umm Qirfa by Prophet Mohammed." It tells the tale of how Mohammed ordered the massacre of a pagan Arabian tribe in order to steal their wealth and enslave the woman and children. After Mohammed's men kill the female leader of the tribe, they present the head to Mohammed as a trophy, and he parades it through the streets of Medina. Here are two panels from the strip which show Mohammed (in green):

(Hat tip: F. Vogelpest.)

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