So let's talk about criminal law. Everyone knows bail is too easy (unless you played street hockey). How about criminal penalties? You might think the criminal code is "colour-blind", giving a single tier of justice to every convict. But that's not so.

Years ago, the Canadian supreme court decreed that indigenous offenders should routinely receive lesser punishment ("Gladue"), because the systemic this or that of their upbringing and race and stuff must be considered in their favour.

If you liked that, you will be glad to hear that the same is now in effect for black offenders. Here's a fresh story (archived 2023 National Post article) from New Brunswick, wherein a man convicted of criminal incest (with disability / pregnancy as complications) was sentenced to a smaller punishment than others ... literally and explicitly because of his race. Here's an older one (archived 2019 Vice article) doing the same.

Diversity of criminal sentencing is our strength!