Why, it's election season in Ontario, how exciting. You probably have a favorite party or leader. You are probably certain that the other guys / gals suck and should never be given power. That must feel really good!

But perhaps let's play a game - the same game I proposed back in 2015 with a little more thinking. Let's make predictions about what you believe will happen if candidate/party X wins or loses. Then, as before, I'll come back in 18 months or so and score them. For this to work, the predictions have to be concrete and testable, like "provincial income taxes -2% in my bracket" or "EQAO education testing cancelled" rather than something ooey and gooey like "Ontario becomes the Leading Light of diversity and inclusion". Something specific, something objective. After all, if you love or hate a candidate, you must have a tangible reason for it, right?

I don't care if you're hard left, soft left, soft right, or up here in the hard right nosebleed seats. All are welcome to consider leaving a comment below with your 18-month-horizon predictions for any of the winning/losing possibilities you care about. Prizes of indescribable value are at stake!