There was a time when your humble scribe was associated with the local Brant Music Festival, a place for local children to show off their music to expert teachers, and earn prizes in competition. One of my duties was tracking where all the dozens of trophies were. Most of them rotated between winners, year to year. Others were not issued awhile, maybe because some music disciplines became inactive, so they sat in storage. At one point, for some reason, the festival leadership decided to simply throw out a bunch.

As an archivist-at-heart, I could not bear to let that happen, so I brought them home. They are all photographed and catalogued along with their active peers. But why hold onto them myself, when someone else might find more meaning or relevance? Like someone whose name is on the things?

I hereby throw open the transfer of the following trophies, to any of their previous winners or perhaps worthy organizations. In case of multiple conflicting or unsuitable requests, I reserve the right to make a yes/no decision. Each trophy would be a permanent gift, just please take good care of it.

Some of the trophies are quite beautiful, dating back to the 1950s (!!!), and most were issued even up to just a few years ago. So, we have a great many candidate winners who are welcome to contact me and make their case. We'll go from there.

As of the last edit of this page, these are the available trophies. Links point to each trophy's page in the archive, with photo and a list of names of its winners. If you're in the local music scene, take a look, maybe there's someone familiar in there.

No longer available:

Contact me and make your case!