Thank goodness that no one died for real.

Last night, Juimiin and I finished our very-belated binge-watching of the Harry Potter movie series. We felt the quality & charm declined rapidly overall, and I couldn't help but hear in the back of my head Ms. Watson's recent griping about the "sexism" evident in having so many male directors (?!). But at least it was over, the world was well-lit again, Harry stayed hairy, etc. etc. etc. Exeunt omnes.

While Juimiin and I am done, the world clearly isn't. We heard that Stuart's (part-time) school had a little incident today. Some children were playing an unnamed game in the yard, using pieces of wood as magic wands. Apparently they used Potter world spells, with some competence. There were attacks, defenses, a few Shatneresque deaths. Much mirth apparently.

It was too good dangerous to last. A yard supervisor played the role of you-know-who and issued a cease-and-desist order. She confiscated all the "wands" and told the kids to find something else to do in the bare area. For their safety, one can be sure.

What makes this story awfully sweet though is the scale. While two parents tuned out of the story, many many kids read it and enjoyed it enough to try to live it awhile. How many?

Sixty four. That was the number of contraband wands. In one day.