Our home is in a kid-laden neighbourhood, and we received a typical number of candy-beggar visitors, perhaps a hundred total. Most houses were decorated with pumpkins, skeletons, miscellaneous goo, but we’re too lazy (or shall we say, unconventional?) for that. Instead, I repurposed our main entrance’s shade/screens into a proper screen.

With the help of this little widget, and flickr’s web slideshow function, we showed a loop of a couple hundred halloween-themed images. I was pleasantly surprised at the absence of grossly family-inappropriate material, so didn’t have to focus on the imagery, only on shovelling the candy out the door.

Oh yes, and yelling “boo!” at the kids. If entranced by the big “TV” up on high, the experience of seeing a middle-aged dude crouching on the floor shouting at them must have been pretty jarring. They still took the snacks.