This article over at the Belmont Club blog observes that some of those in charge of designing the utopian revamp of the U.S. health care system have already planned out how to handle the inherent scarcity of socialized medicine.

The gist is that older and very young should not get as much medical care from The System as those aged 15-40. Now, this may suit the immediate situation of the bulk of the lefty voting block. But once their parents start getting on in age and worse in health, and The System bureaucrats decide to refuse to grant treatment, even they won’t be able to ignore the implications. After all, everyone has parents, most of them are loved, and a few of them are rumoured to be even older than oneself. So, if The System turns out this way, even the shortsighted “gimme” voters will be smacked in the heart before too long. And maybe, just maybe, that spectacle will be awful enough for them to undo the damage.

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