Here is a handy little chart, updated daily, about the Ontario covid new-cases situation. Unlike the previous article, this focuses solely on fully vaccinated cases & people. This is because we have arrived at the point where vaccine efficacy against infection is now a big fat zero. Official government case dataset vax dataset.

How is this possible? If I were to guess, it is:

  • not simply "vaccine fade". Yes, the covid vaccines lose effectiveness against infection after a few months. Yes, the powers-that-be knew this six months ago (based on UK and Israel data), but kept lying to you about "safe and effective". That phenomenon likely accounts for the gradual convergence of the blue curves up till the end of November, roughly paralleling the full-vaccination curves way back in early summer. But data could not be denied forever, so they started pushing "boosters" in the fall. That might have blunted the convergence, at least for a while.

  • vaccine failure against "omicron". Since end of November, the new strain arrived, and has been spreading throughout the fully vaccinated population (and also the unvaccinated population). There are numerous reports all over the world that even triple-vaccinated boosted people have caught and transmitted the bug ... often while super duper masked.

  • immune system weakness immediately after vaccination. There is some evidence that in the first two weeks after taking a covid injection, one becomes temporarily more vulnerable to infection to covid (and to other pathogens). There have been quite a few people rushing to get "booster" lately, so the timing may line up. (See the "%pop triple vax" darker blue line in the bottom right. NB: the "%pop fully vax" line includes triple-vax.)

What are the implications? In any area where 'omicron' has made landfall:

  • note that any further vaccination with the obsolete boosters against this strain is likely pointless. If it can't stop infection at all, my guess is it can't help with severe covid either, should 'omicron' even be capable of causing severe covid. If so, vaccination now is worse than useless: it is a pure risk. Looking forward to proper data on this.

  • if vaccinations do proceed, people must keep watching this statistic. It is entirely possible that vaccines actually suppress proper immune response to newer pathogens, making them worse then useless in a different way. If the thick blue line keeps going and up, efficacy against infection may have turned NEGATIVE, a de facto vaccine injury.

  • all "vaccine passport" and mandate efforts should immediately cease. There is no longer any grounds for pretending that an unvaccinated person is any extra risk to the public than a vaccinated person is. It's well past time to end the apartheid.

Demand nothing less from your leaders.