Hey fren, are you a good person? Of course you are, and we both know it. But how will others find out? We can't just tell them. You also can't just visibly do good things all the time. Who has time for that? So instead, we can DISPLAY. Let people plainly see how good you are, from a safe distance. There are so many options!

  • display colors of other activists
  • display facebook avatar frames
  • display orange shirts
  • display vaccination counts
  • display any "XYZ matters" slogan
  • display other shirts
  • display pronouns
  • display any "save the XYZ" slogan
  • display ribbons on clothing
  • display childish artwork about any cause
  • display ribbons on trees
  • display masks unnecessarily

To be a proper act of display, it must not call for any particular action. After all, your audience would have to contemplate doing something, and that involves thinking. But we don't want to risk people thinking and coming to different conclusions. We just want them to feel that you're a socially acceptable person. So these are bad examples: avoid avoid avoid!

  • don't display election signs like "elect XYZ"
  • don't display action slogans like "stop burning oil"
  • don't display any controversial symbol outside the Overton Window