(If you have no idea how to download the files, try pressing the "shift  and mouse button" at the same time, on the name of  the  file you want.)
The American Anthem  
3 Eyes? (some sort of chinese cartoon song) 
Another "Eyes" song (which is unknown to me) 
Back to the Future 
The CANADIAN! Anthem 
Dq5 (some sort of slow moody song) 
Another moody song 
Furelise (Try it you'll like it) 
Ghost Busters (The real Ghostbusters) 
Jesu (this is cool) 
Indiana Jones (My Hero) 
Indiana Jones 2 
You Judge this for yourself 
Knight Rider 
Knight Rider III 
Moq5501?(undercover music) 
Married with Children (This show has been on Forever!) 
Mortal Kombat (You must have heard this one!) 
Mi_Mix? (Again some sort of slow mood song) 
Passport(pretty weird music) 
Popeye The Sailor Man!(Now he's a real sailor compared to you know who!) 
Ranma? (Really fun music) 
Star Trek Deep Space 9 
Star Trek The Next Generation 
STNG Light Hearted 
Start Trek Voyager 
Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan 
Star Trek III The Search for Spock 
Star Trek IV The Voyage Home 
Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country 
Williamtell Overture 
Superman Theme from Lois&Clark 
Some sort of slow mood song 
Tenchi 3?   Tenchi 6? (heard of these? I haven't) 
Tequila (self Explanatory) 
Theme "Fun" 
Totoro? (I think it came from Sonic the Hedgehog) 
Transformers ( More than meets the Eye) 
Utau? (Very Joyous Music!)  
Wannabe (When you hear it you'll know why it's called that!