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Personal Homepages:
Elastic(The Mother Ship) Home Page! (Enough Said)
Frank's (Brother in-law:Creator of Elastic) Homepage! (A lot of Stuff)
Juimiin's(3rd Sister's) Home Page! (Hmmm..Interesting)
Suizen's(4th Sister's) Home Page! (Be sure to check out her Links!)
Yang's (Lengya's) Home Page! (Close friend of mine! A lot to See!)
Bob's (SoftRam's) Home Page! (Another Friend's Page! A lot of Resources!)
Zi's (Dallas's(TRD)) Homepage! (Brand Spanking NEW!)
Helen's (Bubble's World) Homepage! (An Eye Pleaser!)

Other Resources:
Greater Toronto Badminton Directory (Contains links across the province in Ontario)
University of Toronto Website (Uft Student? You may find this Useful)
Yahoo! Search
Goto Search

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