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Professional background of FChE


I have attended over a dozen different schools over time. One could say without innuendo that I was constantly in and out of institutions. These are among the more eventful:
1976-1983 Ligeti elementary school Budapest, Hungary music-specialized academic school
1983 Hauptschule Traisen, Austria town high school, learning German
1984 Cameron elementary school Burnaby, Canada learning English
1984 Prince of Wales secondary school Vancouver, Canada learning electronics
1984-1985 Surrey german school Surrey, Canada remembering German on Saturdays
1985 Balmoral junior high school North Vancouver, Canada learning computers
1986-1988 Cardinal Newman secondary school Scarborough, Canada academic progress
1989 Weston Collegiate Institute Toronto, Canada awakening interest in law & economics
1989 University of British Columbia Vancouver, Canada summer stint at Shad Valley
1990-1995 University of Toronto Toronto, Canada computer engineering
1995-2000 University of Toronto Toronto, Canada more computer engineering


These organizations have rented my services:
1989 IBM Canada Fortran compiler group student make-work project finding compiler bugs
1989-1995 University of Toronto Database research group Hy+ project
1994-1997 IBM Canada Centre for Advanced Studies ABC++, Java support for DB2, CASCON logistics, jack-of-all-trades
1997- Red Hat fka Cygnus Solutions Toronto office building simulators, embedded system toolchains, systemtap jack-of-all-trades

I apologize for one software patent.


I owe a lot to supporters. Over the years, these folks gave me opportunities I had not yet earned.

Bernie Smyth, Alberto Mendelzon, Jacob Slonim, Bill O'Farrell, James Hamilton

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