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People known to FChE


These are links to those few of my friends with personal web pages.

John Healy, Li Chang, Brendan Bartlett.


I don't know these famous folks personally, but I look up to their work. I include a quick link with most to give you an idea of what they are about.

Philosophy: Theodore Kaczynski, Ayn Rand, Karl Popper, James Randi

Literature: Robert Graves, Jock Sturges, Franz Kafka, Frank Herbert, Joe Straczynski

Journalism: Patrick Watson, John Armor, Phil Greenspun, Maddox

Performance: Patrick McGoohan, Mark Knopfler, Supertramp, Monty Python

Can you see the pattern? See my podium.


These people are some of my old friends with whom I lost contact. I would appreciate any help linking me up with them.
personlast seen
Mónika Molnár1983, Budapest, Hungary found!
Bernie Smyth1989, Cardinal Newman S.S., Toronto
Chris McBride1989, Cardinal Newman S.S., Toronto
Bob Hamilyn1989, Cardinal Newman S.S., Toronto
Chris Curran1989, Cardinal Newman S.S., Toronto
Bernard Merchant1989, Shad Valley BC found!
Antonieta Martins1989, Shad Valley BC
Lance Kraus1989, Shad Valley BC found!
Sonia Brock1990, ABUG, Toronto found!
Sudarshan Sathiyamoorthy1991, University of Toronto
Sean Moniz1991, Toronto found!
T. B.1993, Ottawa

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