Why yes, thanks for asking, we had a fine Halloween!

OK, we couldn't get the usual bulk candy in the last few days, so we were stuck with one bowl of snacks. OK, we're not into decorations (though saw some outstanding ones elsewhere). OK, so our brats are too old to have wandered around outside. OK, so we did not make time to get some punching bags pumpkins up front.

But well before sunset, people came.

First were the young ones, with young adult parents, strollers, and ridiculous covid masks on the little kids. A couple of them were scared off by the No More Lockdowns yard signs: we heard the adults declaring us dirty and/or unwelcoming, pulling their kids back and moving on. Others came up happily and got their candy.

Then came older ones, and kept coming a good hour or two after sunset. Not a visible care about covid. They knocked, they said hi, we gave them loot. At some point, we realized that we can be foley-artists too, making moans and noises into the security system's outdoor speakers. We had as much fun as they did.