Your scribe's family is a frequent amazon customer. Frequent enough that most of the people in the house have our amazon account credentials in their web browser (ree!!!!), and use it to check on order status. Occasionally they place orders too. As the main account holder, I then get an email. When I see a sudden expenditure, I play the good husbander-of-resources I am. I immediately observe, orient, and decide to take no action other than the occasional little scream.

The latest family hobby is to place orders from the next room, with no warning whatever.

They place an order, and start a clock. When I get the email, read it, and scream, they stop the clock. They bet how long it'll take from order-placement to scream.

They compliment me when it's on the order of seconds (amazon email to our house is fast).

They pity me when it's half a minute.

They laugh at me when it's four minutes.

And I get to pay for all this. Send help, friends, and comfort food.