We must be one of the most prolific users of the local public library, something like 20-50+ items out on loan all the time, the boys speed-reading (?) through them whenever they don't do homeschooling work or other activities. We've even used to receive automated calls from the library suggesting we don't borrow quite so much, out of consideration for others, or something. Sometimes our returns require baskets (due to weight & volume).

But that's just the present. It started with crazy-early literacy for the boys, and a particular event I wish I were there to record, soon after we moved to our current town. 1.8-year-old Eric visited this library for the first time. I'm told his eyes opened wide, stood there stunned for a minute, and then started running up to, around, and thankfully not through all the aisles. He is reported to have yelled "books, books, books!" the whole time. But since I wasn't there, and for some reason photography is verboten in the building, so it wasn't recorded. We'll just have to imagine & recall.