Browsing through the local web server logs, a recent hit came in for my old kvetch about a disappointment at a Toronto car dealership. Out of curiosity, I looked up what’s new with this place since six years ago, and came across this revamped web site. I wanted to look up what the troublesome folks there have been up to since, but the new site lacks a lot of contact/staff details.

Then I came across this beauty

The square-bracketed words are verbatim from the web page made it clear that someone didn’t turn the customization crank quite enough times. This suggested that there exists a car dealer website manufacturer, who provides the same profound, uplifting verbiage. But to how many? Aha, here comes google.

My mouth fell open: about 761,000 results estimated, 771 distinct ones later identified. Whoever writes this stuff is not loyal to any particular place in north america, nor a particular make.

The level of effort reminds one of the Everywhere Girl fiasco, where the same clip art token female was found to grace publications and web sites all over the world. (Oh no, that reminds me of the associated stupid wikipedia delete-fest.)

Please, save me from tracking this stuff down. Please eschew web site puppy-mills like and write your damn own unique company web sites.