One can’t help but imagine that a videographer could assemble an entertaining clip from this forthcoming event

6. After everyone has read his key ID information, have all attendees form a line.
7. The first person walks down the line having every person check his ID. The second person follows immediately behind the first person and so on.
8. If you are satisfied that the person is who they say they are, and that the key on the printout is theirs, you place another check-mark next to their key on your printout.
9. Once the first person cycles back around to the front of the line he has checked all the other IDs and his ID has been checked by all others

All you need is a fiddle and a caller and you get a geek square dance. Note by the way how the PGP web of trust concept is itself so untrusted at this event. Every attendee is expected to verify every other attendee’s paper ID. They don’t trust each other to validate the IDs. The web of real trust is just one hop deep.