This wee blog is almost six years old, spanning some five hundred ruminations. Egads, will he ever stop, you ask yourself? Has he ever written anything worthwhile?

Maybe and maybe. Sorry. In the mean time, here are some links to what may be the best of the previous years’ postings. I’ve read all the others again, so you don’t have to.

few words, many insights
too much ice
she’s a hottie, but she’s only twelve
how to jaywalk
nice bike rider

when colleagues leave
minimum equipment dilemma
mommy day care
beautiful pontiac aztek
logging instrument time
first twin flight, part 2
desperately seeking seaborn
small pearl
thank you, microsoft
two cooks in the cockpit
my taxes at work
document retention policies
sadness in a grocery store
causations and correlations

force asymmetry
states of matter
school shootings and flight 93
famous ancients
tow scam
high as a kite
blue gold
annus horribilis

snow friends
shad valley’s ungoogleables
lousy is worse
systemtap safety
how not to use linux dm-raid5
understatement of the day
does the gpl really cross library boundaries?

negative-sum game of government benefits
entrepreneurs vs. ceos
triple entendre
in praise of delegation and teamwork
in praise of awareness
why anti-snow car lasers don’t work
tonal fallacy

great moments in socialized medicine
taking responsibility
young offender
silence in the morning
self correcting in the long term
talent, such as it is
military melancholy
one laugh per technical minute
multimodal go/no-go
the feds can’t do a thing to stop her