A few days ago, there was one of those quiet mornings in the house that parents of young kids both delight and dread.

The delight comes from a few extra minutes of shuteye. The dread comes from realizing, just as this bonus sleep is about to commence, that the kids are awake, quiet, and probably up to no good.

I must have been away, so Juimiin found the two brats downstairs. They were playing Connect Four. The 2- and 4-year-old must have gone downstairs, become bored with the laptops and web browsers, popped open the toy box, set it up, and were playing a game. For real.

I guess the “Ages 7 and up” is inapplicable. If they bothered notice that on the box, 2-year-old Stuart might have decided to fix the label, like he did on another toy he was “too young” to play with: