This morning, Eric suffered deja do.

Yeah, he dislocated the same elbow again. Poor dumb kid, he’ll probably have a loose joint for life.

Poor dumb us, we visited his birth hospital this time, without delaying or consultation. As tradition dictates, we returned to the emergency room, and here too the waiting area was empty. However, the real wait was over 60 minutes long, as we were sent between various rooms in the emergency department’s “fast track” area. It was so fast, that during that hour, Eric’s elbow popped back in and he went back to normal. It was so fast, that if we were to wait to see an actual doctor, we’d be third in line, well after someone else who’d been there for two hours already. It was so fast, that they didn’t try to talk us out of leaving at that point.

UPDATE: Juimiin has admitted to chasing Eric around the floor when the dislocation occurred. Apparently they both like the game.