Those residents of this town who are dependent on public transit to get around have been led by weeks and days of media hysteria to worry about whether they’d be able to get to work tomorrow. They need not have worried.

Shockingly, an 11th-hour deal was struck between the transit union and the municipal bureaucracy that averted a strike. The announcement just happened to occur during the usual Sunday evening news time slot.

Or rather, not shockingly at all. Golden mayor boy Miller has been willing to firehose money toward any union (or other lefty cause) making noise, since they helped elect him in the first place. No wonder he could promise “no labour unrest” on his watch. But what better way to bolster his ego, er, image, than to manufacture a labour crisis, then to appear to solve it at the last minute? He’s such a hero, and that union bloke is jolly good too. Yes, it cost yet more taxpayer money, but at least the proles get to continue riding along.

I have little doubt that the whole sequence of events was orchestrated months in advance. Sue-Ann Levy might agree.