Tonight we saw a “sneak preview” of the new movie from the screwball guys behind South Park. They have an bravely heartless sense of absurd humour, and their political leanings are sensible (”[they] hate conservatives, but [they] really fucking hate liberals”). They did not disappoint.

I saw the South Park movie at least ten times in a movie theater, and wish I saw Starship Troopers as many times, a similarly military flavoured satire. I fear I may have to do the same with this new one. What’s there not to love?. It too has rousing musical breaks, amply offensive sexual humour, brutal satire of current politics, plus a whole bunch of references to old movies. Something for everyone, or at least everyone who is not asleep, too young, too easily offended, and not ashamed to holler her head off laughing as puppets do gross, disgusting, horrible, stupid, ridiculous things.

Amongst the many highlights:

  • the “America, Fuck Yeah!” theme song, blaring as our heroes spring into action
  • the divinely obscene puppet sex scene, which might be the one that the US MPAA wanted removed in order to give the film a mere “R” rating; it goes on and on, and includes some new, er, “positions”
  • a wonderful self-referential self-deprecation scene, where puppets are made to walk poorly, reminding one of the Eric Cartman’s observation about T&P that “the animation is all crappy and stuff”.
  • great references to James Bond, Star Wars, Matrix, Kill Bill, kung fu films
  • the pool of vomit

But focusing on the plot and politics does not do the work justice. Technically it is amazing. The puppets are expressive. The cinematography in more normal scenes is very pretty: intelligent framing and dramatic lighting. The model sets are intricate and pretty, and camera movements are complex. It’s way beyond what one would expect.

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