pcp+grafana scripted dashboards

Our previous work gluing Performance Co-Pilot and Grafana together has made it possible to look at a networkful of systems' performance stats and histories with just a few clicks on a web browser, and no auxiliary software (databases, web servers, etc.) other than PCP itself.

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pcp and grafana v2

In our two prior installments, we discussed two ways how Performance Co-Pilot can operate with graphite-flavoured web browser frontends. First, relaying pcp data to graphite, then using the graphite server + webapp. Second, accessing pcp archives in situ, using pmwebd-served webapps. Today we cover a third case.

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fche | Thursday 17 September 2015 - 4:39 pm | | tech | One comment

pmmgr - manage your performance co-pilot monitoring daemons

PCP, a computer/network performance monitoring toolkit, features a separation between data collection and logging/processing/monitoring. The separation is present in installable packages, the programming API, and on the network. It makes it easy to let a sysadmin decide what data to log, stored where, originated where, at what sampling intervals. Then such decisions then need to be encoded into concrete configurations. pmmgr is a daemon included with PCP since early 2014 and can serve as a one-stop receptacle for that configuration.

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