rhetorical question

What is the name for the form of government that micro-manages private industry ever deeper, to the extent of dictating what kinds of people may serve as its decision-makers? Is there a principled stopping point beyond which interference would be unacceptable even by the modern left?

fche Wednesday 29 May 2013 - 11:24 am | ΒΆ | politics

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In general I don’t like micro-managing personnel, but I think this idea is one is a good idea. The only coercion is some minor shaming, and I’m cynical enough about the generation of corporate boards and the role of old boys networks that I suspect the effect on company performance would be neutral or even positive.

aaron, - 29-05-’13 15:59

Hey Aaron. My point goes beyond this particular change (which one can argue/cynicize either way). The question is why stop here; how slippery is this slope?

Frank, - 29-05-’13 16:02

Well if you wanted an answer then the question wasn’t really rhetorical :)

We already have affirmative action, workplace discrimination laws, maternity leave, etc. The only difference here is there’s now some mild pressure applied at the top of the management chain where there was none before. If there is a slippery slope I think this action is well uphill of those previous policies.

aaron, - 29-05-’13 16:36
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